The Oshi app is built on a foundation of scientific studies that incorporate digital innovations in IBD care.

Key Findings on IBD Care

Early studies point to significant benefits in patient-reported outcome measures through the use of digital IBD solutions.

In a randomized controlled trial of a web-guided ‘constant-care’ approach, researchers found e-health empowers patients with ulcerative colitis.

The majority of patients (88%) have a preference for a digital approach. In addition to an improvement in medication adherence, UC patients saw a 59 day reduction in flare duration.


Source: E-health empowers patients with ulcerative colitis: a randomised controlled trial of the web-guided ‘Constant-care’ approach”

In a review of the latest IBD epidemiology data on occurrence and disease course, researchers cited evidence that eHealth monitoring via fecal calprotectin tests increased the expected time in remission by reducing the lead time for consultation & treatment.


Source: “The epidemiology of inflammatory bowel disease.” Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 2015 Aug;50(8):942-51

In a study of patient engagement preferences, researchers found significantly higher participation on a mobile application platform versus a web-based portal.

Additional benefits include notable savings in physician and practice administrators’ time and the ability to provide immediate algorithm-derived patient responses.


Source: “Project Sonar: Improvement in Patient Engagement Rates Using a Mobile Application Platform” Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Vol 22, Issue Supplement 1, 1 March 2016, Page S72

In a randomized controlled trial of IBD patients using a mobile based monitoring platform, researchers found Quality of Care (QOC) was significantly improved for mobile users versus a control group.

Also, mobile participants reported a more equitable participation in their care decision-making process.


Source: “Improved quality of care and quality of life for IBD patients using mobile based remote monitoring platform: A randomised control trial” Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, Volume 12, Issue supplement_1, February 2018, Pages S077–S078

In a randomized study comparing telemedicine against standard care, researchers found that telemedicine was safe and reduced outpatient visits (65%) and hospital admissions (50%) compared with standard care.

Research also suggests this self-management tool might be useful for reorganizing care of inflammatory bowel disease towards personalized and value-based health care.


Source: “Telemedicine for management of inflammatory bowel disease (myIBDcoach): a pragmatic, multicentre, randomised controlled trial” The Lancet, July 14, 2017

Published Research on Digital IBD Solutions

Using the wealth of research and studies published to date, Oshi Health is taking the next step forward to demonstrate the efficacy of mobile applications and other eHealth technologies.

Oshi Health is dedicated to helping people to better Understand IBD and manage symptoms with a Mobile Application.

Oshi’s platform is available for Partnerships with doctors & researchers, employers, and pharma/therapeutic brands.

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