I know you’re young right now and may not be able to grasp the gravity of what mommy deals with each day health-wise, but someday you’ll understand.

Someday you’ll know why there are days when we stay indoors and enjoy quiet time, even though the sun is shining brightly, and the birds are chirping.

You’ll realize that when mommy rushes to the bathroom in the midst of reading you your favorite book, it’s because I can’t help it.

And you’ll recognize the anguish on my face when I struggle to stand upright as I make dinner and what it means when I hold my abdomen at the table as we eat.

Someday you’ll watch me give myself injections and take medication and know the reason why. You’ll see me pack a hospital bag and not come home for a few days. There will come a time when you’ll walk into a hospital room and see me laying in the bed.

But you know what, someday you’ll look at me as source of strength.

Someday you’ll watch me bounce back and recover like there was no flare-up that got in the way of our time together.

And you’ll admire all that I’ve done to bring you into this world, take care of you, and love you with every ounce of my being, despite my chronic illness.

Someday you’ll know just how inspirational you both are to me. The lights of my life. My reasons for pushing through with all I have when the going gets tough. This exhausting, yet exhilarating stage of life will pass, and I know I’ll miss it.

Then there will come a time when I’ll thank you both for giving me limitless resilience and providing me with a renewed sense of love for a body that has been riddled with pain. Yes, I might have IBD, but that title of patient faded into the background the moment I earned the title of “Mom.”

Author Natalie (Sparacio) Hayden is a former TV news anchor with Crohn’s disease. Her blog, “Lights, Camera, Crohn’s: An Unobstructed View” (lightscameracrohns.com) covers everything from overcoming struggles to celebrating small victories. As a passionate health advocate, journalist, wife, and mom, she strives to show there is more to life than your diagnosis and illness.

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