A growing problem

  • 35Days Lost

    On average, gut health issues cause 35 days of lost work productivity each year. In fact, IBS is the second most common reason for employee absenteeism, following the common cold.

  • 70MAmericans Affected by Digestive Conditions

    That's two times the number of people with diabetes. And while 74% of American adults are living with GI symptoms, more than half haven’t brought it up with their doctor.

  • $136BYearly Cost

    Digestive conditions cost $136 billion yearly. For IBS alone, direct costs are as high as ~$10 billion and indirect costs as high as $20 billion.

Oshi’s virtual GI care model offers an alternative solution

  • Coordinated and Multidisciplinary Care

    Convenient telehealth interactions with a full care team (physicians, nurses, dietitians, mental health) combined with coordination of any required in-person procedures or diagnostics with local providers.

  • Evidence-Based Care Protocols

    Oshi delivers care according to leading GI care guidelines in a medical home model. Care pathways include medication management along with condition-specific diets, psychological and lifestyle interventions to deliver better health outcomes and quality of life.

  • A Personalized Clinical Approach

    Our multidisciplinary care team works with each person to understand their individual GI issues and develops a unique care plan that’s tailored to their specific symptom triggers as well as lifestyle and needs. Oshi’s care team and coaches then help empower, guide and support the patient in implementing these changes.

  • Value Drivers for Employers

    Oshi locks in a predictable care cost for Employers, and enables higher employee satisfaction as well as improved employee productivity.

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