Oshi delivers personalized, convenient, accessible, high-quality, holistic care to people living with gastrointestinal (GI) conditions.

GI Care, From Anywhere

Any-time access to clinicians, digital education, your care plan, community and interactive tools, as well as at-home diagnostics to track and manage your condition.

Integrated Care

Connect 24/7 with your multidisciplinary care team (including gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists, mental health professionals, health coaches and care coordinators) and experience a whole person approach to your health.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Collaborate with your care team to uncover personal GI triggers, then receive individual support and guidance to execute on evidence-based, holistic treatments—tailored for you.

Convenient Testing and Monitoring

Receive validated and cost-effective at-home tools to diagnose, uncover triggers and monitor your unique GI condition.

Digestive health hurdles we’re solving

  • 35 Days Lost

    Gut health issues cause 35 days of lost work productivity per year

  • 70M Americans

    70 million Americans have digestive conditions

  • $136B Yearly

    $136 billion per year cost related to digestive conditions

  • 71% Dissatisfied

    71% of IBS patients report dissatisfaction with their care

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