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Doctors & Researchers

Improved care for your patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) including Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis
Get the info your patients aren’t sharing (symptoms or issues they think are not important or too embarrassing to talk about)

Benefits of tracking with Oshi:
Improves the quality of care you are able to deliver to your patients by empowering you with longitudinally tracked health data
Minimize trial and error for patients - help to identify key characteristics that might indicate a match for specific treatments or medications
All-in-one app also provides dynamic and engaging content for patients that is medically-sound and reviewed by physicians and experts.

Doctor Testimonial from Dr. Hamilton or Dr. Chang about how Oshi can help to improve patient experience with doctor visits, and get physicians the most helpful information/what they really want and need. (Note: Dr. Chang made a point in the workshop about medication tracking being more valuable than diet tracking.)

This app is great to have in your back pocket as you attend doctor’s appointments. You can look at all the information you’ve tracked and be able to communicate clearly what your needs are and where your concerns are. We now have the power to advance our own healthcare and give our GIs a clear look at the story of our day-to-day lives. --Natalie Hayden, Patient Advocate

Customize Oshi for your practice
Create a 5-star patient experience with a customized Oshi app for your practice. Add tracking or patient support based on your practice. Embed it into other aspects of your online care offering to create a seamless experience.

Identify new opportunities to make a difference
Real-world evidence plus patient-reported outcomes from Oshi users can be valuable source of new directions for research based in real patient experiences.

Proven and reliable
Uses 2 of the highest ranked validated PRO questionnaires for mobile use:
•UCLA mHealth Index for UC/CD
•ICHOM IBD Control

Clinical Research
Empowering medical researchers with a digital solution for patient engagement, data gathering, and analysis
The end-to-end patient interface for GI-focused Clinical Studies

Oshi Health is innovating with disruptive tech that will improve the lives of people with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The research platform is the world-leading tool in IBD for collecting robust clinical phenotyping and patient reported data. --Dr. Charlie Lees, Gastroenterologist & Researcher, University of Edinburgh

Customize Oshi to Support your Research Objectives
Adapts to specific research, study design, and data collection needs
Improves patient experience and engagement with flexible features and content
Maximizes study data set with opportunity to integrate with devices, wearables, and sensors
Integrates captured data directly with existing research database
Allows for on-demand study design improvement through real-time analysis and feedback
Manages patient consent / reconsent

Please contact us to learn about ways we can support your practice, patients and research. We are ready to help your practice increase and improve your online suite of patient services!

Employers & Payers

Improved care for your team
Improved disease management means more “good days” and less down time or lost productivity. Work with us to find ways to support your team with tracking, education, and wellness.

Customize Oshi for your team
Create a customized health and wellness tracking experience for your team based in the already-proven Oshi app. Add tracking, support, and benefit information based on your organization’s specific needs. Embed Oshi into other aspects of your online care offering to create a seamless experience.

Please contact us to learn about using Oshi to support your patient population. We are eager to learn how we can help your organization take care of your team!

Pharma & Therapeutics

Support trials and follow-up surveys with the real-world evidence plus patient-reported outcomes that the Oshi app can provide. Customizing the Oshi experience (which already includes symptom tracking and patient-reported wellness) allows you to focus efforts and resources toward your achieving research and trial goals rather than toward developing a streamlined way to collect real-time patient data.

Please contact us to learn about ways we can use Oshi to support your therapeutic needs.